An experimental film about the end of the endless growth, destruction and the start of building something new. Film reflects on the different thoughts and feelings about the future before and after the tipping point. Film has been shot on 16 mm film using a photogram technique, where various objects such as pieces of equipment, plants, soil and printed material are placed directly on film and exposed manually. Found footage material has also been used.

Concept, visual and edit: Hannu Nieminen. FIlm exposures: Timo Jansson. A HIDAS production 2022.

Music by Miquel Parera: ”re_Hiroshima#02” and ”ZImmer 132-1 – synapse bath” used under licence CC-BY-SA. Sound clips by Timo Jansson, Hannu and Schbert. Soundclips by uadr01, digifishmusic, smidoid, smartsound, uagadugu, Dynamicell, RHumphries, Tim Kahn, Incarnadine and ERH used (, used under CC BY 2.0).